William McIlhenny

A self-taught actor, William McIlhenny combined a life-long love of history with his natural acting talents when he began participating in eighteenth century reenactments. Bill’s hobby, now his career, provided on-the-job training for this versatile, well-prepared historical performer. With his eye for detail, Bill’s characterizations always include wonderful props such as authentic military weapons, flags, signs and even his own marquis officer’s tent.

Mr. McIlhenny’s affiliation with the American Historical Theatre began in 2007 in venues that have included such Philadelphia historic sites as Cliveden and Stenton. Since then, audiences in the tri-state area have been treated to an intimate look at life for everyday people during and after the Revolutionary War. Whether Bill is portraying a British aide-de-camp to General Howe, an American or British cavalryman, a post-Revolutionary War able-bodied seaman, or a Union soldier in the Civil War, Bill’s interactive presentations are exciting and accurate portrayals that evidence the self-discipline and dedication required of military men of any era.

Characters portrayed by William McIlhenny: