Swashbucklers &Sea Dogs!

It is the 18th Century and notorious pirates Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham have sailed into a port near you! These scurvy ruffians are primed for adventure, but they have a WHALE of a problem – half of their crew has disappeared! In between swordplay and fisticuffs and some salty pirate talk, they must find fresh recruits to quickly learn the ABC’s of PI-RA-CY.
Audience members will be delighted as they are recruited to learn pirate law, nautical terms, the essential skill of tying knots, geography, and more!
This rollicking, roistering show is easily adaptable for audiences of all ages.
Wee ones all the way up to old sea dogs will enjoy the daring sword fights and interactive crafts and games.

All buccaneers will learn

∙ How to recognize famous pirates by their flags

  • How to tie a sailor’s knot
  • How to dance an authentic hornpipe
  • How to chart their own course at sea…on their very own treasure map
  • World Geography

And much, much more.

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