Bob Gleason’s Abraham Lincoln conveys the self-taught, determined, highly individualistic man who rose from poverty.  Lincoln’s commitment to the preservation of the Union matched his compassion for those who fought to save it. No stranger to hard work or to overcoming almost impossible obstacles, Lincoln enables audiences to experience the depth of his heart as well as his quick mind and unflappable spirit.

Bob Gleason feels a strong personal connection to Lincoln because one of his relatives met the Great Man several times and another relation was babysat by a woman whose hand had been shaken by the President. Mr. Gleason’s library of over 200 books on Lincoln reflects his commitment to doing justice to his portrayal. Bob’s voice and his laugh add authenticity to his Lincoln performance. And the down-to-earth humor the two men share (“He’s not totally dishonest, he probably wouldn’t steal a red-hot stove”) creates a believable, approachable Lincoln.

Lincoln, and Gleason, communicate important Life Lessons: Recognize that even if life isn’t so “swell,” you can still help other people and be useful; inspire by example; be honest, even if you’re a lawyer; rise above poverty and achieve; and if you don’t have what you need, invent it (Lincoln created a device to raise flat boats).

Bob Gleason’s Abraham Lincoln is perfect for events with lawyers, inventors, scientists, or students. Lincoln would be perfect for programming or events related to the Bicentennial of the Civil War, 2011-2015. Invite Abraham Lincoln to your event:

• Keynote Speaker: Leadership, Teambuilding, Negotiation • Educational Programs: Program with a Press Conference for Schools, Libraries, Museums, Historical Sites • Parties: Meet & Greet, Mix & Mingle, Propose Toasts, Pose for Photo Ops • Plays: Original works created and produced by AHT – My Dear Mrs. Lincoln with Mary Todd Lincoln, a 50-minute play plus Q&A • Pair with Mary Todd Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe (born in the same year as AL), Patrick Henry, or other Civil War Era characters

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