Alexander Graham Bell Portrayed by Bob GleasON

Alexander Graham Bell is a portrait of a curious man with a great deal of energy, a big-hearted man who wanted to do good in this world. Born to a deaf mother, Alexander was taught elocution by his grandfather and his father who invented a phonetic alphabet called Bell’s Visible Speech. Alexander Graham Bell began teaching the deaf at age 14, believing they should be taught to speak. To earn money to open a school, Bell applied his talents to improve the telegraph, enabling more than one message to be sent at a time.  And that was just the beginning of a life spent exploring, inventing and improving his world. At the 1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition at Fairmount Park, Bell exhibited his telephone for the first time: the “tipping point” for the progress of the 19th century. Bell also married a deaf wife.

Bob Gleason’s enthusiastic portrayal of Alexander Graham Bell teaches us to be curious, to question and explore, and to help others. Bell is perfect for National Geographic Society events, for Green events (he coined the phrase: “greenhouse effect” in 1911!), and for events with scientists and/or inventors.

Invite Alexander Graham Bell to your event:

• Educational Programs: Presentation with Press Conference for schools, museums, libraries and historical sites • Parties: Entertaining Toasts, Relevant Quotes, Photo Ops for corporate, association and private social events • Bob Gleason: Bio of Actor/Historian, Reenactor, or Impersonator