The oldest child of Theodore Roosevelt, Alice grew up at an exciting time in America’s history: the United States was emerging as a global power. The striking beauty was in a key position to observe and comment because she knew all the important players and was present at key events. A rule-breaker, a fashion icon, an independent woman, Alice was only intermittently politically active, but when she did feel strongly, she made her opinions well known. She was vehemently against the proposed League of Nations following World War I because the League was President Wilson’s idea and because it would have limited America’s power. And even though she married Republican Nicholas Longworth, Alice temporarily became a Democrat while Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were in office and was outspoken on their behalf. After her husband’s death, Alice wrote magazine articles, but her writing didn’t reflect her keen wit and powers of observation for which she was famous when in the company of the movers and shakers of her time.

Kim Hanley as Alice Roosevelt invites you to experience what life was like when America was coming into its own on the world stage. Sharing her picture album with her audience, we glimpse a life lived in the United States and abroad, a life filled with adventures and adventurers, triumphs and tragedies. The ideal commentator of defining moments, Kim’s Alice takes us on a journey that includes the famous and the infamous, including Alice herself–a self-proclaimed “hedonist.” Kim’s Alice was celebrated for her beauty, grudgingly respected for her willfulness and known for her wit. Ms. Hanley gives the woman nicknamed “Princess Alice” her due and gives her audience an insider’s view.