Amelia Earhart continues to fascinate and to inspire. The charismatic, athletic, risk-taking tomboy could charm you with her sparkling eyes, motivate you with her passion, could convince you with her skill. Although she was born in Kansas, Ms. Earhart had solid Philadelphia connections: Amelia attended the Ogontz School, now part of Penn State University, flew a piper cub from Coatesville and spoke about aviation in Germantown. Ms. Earhart was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross as the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to actually flying, she wrote aviation books, helped form the Ninety-Nines to support other female pilots, and taught classes at Purdue University’s aviation department. Earhart was active in the political arena as a member of the National Woman’s Party and as a strong supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. A friend to Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt, Ms. Earhart took Eleanor flying after FDR told her he didn’t want Eleanor piloting a plane. Pat Jordan has also flown a plane and like Amelia, she enjoys taking artistic risks. Ms. Jordan is an adept costumer and is a confident speaker.

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