Benjamin Franklin was a true American success story, and he has been called “The First American” by many scholars. Born the 15th of 17 children, he found ways to overcome his humble status, while never apologizing for his beginnings. This tamer of electricity inspired the Declaration of Independence, served as ambassador to the French court of Louis XVI and raised the money to implement American independence. After the Revolution was won, Franklin served as delegate to the Constitutional Convention and signed the Constitution. Besides inventing the Franklin stove, bifocals, and the glass armonica, Franklin’s concern for the public welfare led him to devise the lightning rod and to found the first insurance company, fire fighting company and lending library, among many other public institutions.

Tapping his own natural wit and charm, William Ochester’s Benjamin Franklin puts his audience at ease.  Bill shares Dr. Franklin’s natural curiosity and exploring spirit, especially in the field of medicine.  Bill places a high value upon the authenticity of his characterization of Dr. Franklin.  His clothing and manner are remarkably close to those of the Old Gentleman, and he delights in using numerous props to bring Dr. Franklin alive in his presentations.  Bill’s spectacles are original (circa 1750), and he will proudly show the “actual key” from the Lightning Experiment, his Poor Richard’s Almanac, and original currency and newspapers of the colonial era.

Having been a man of insatiable curiosity and interests, Benjamin Franklin’s presence would be appropriate for all manner of events and gatherings.  Affairs involving the Masons, libraries, the Fire Department, school programs and the like are natural venues for Dr. Franklin to be invited to.  Guests visiting Philadelphia are delighted to spend time with Dr. Franklin in meet-and-greet situations, and he would be delighted to appear with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams or other Founding Fathers, for presentations about the Declaration, the Constitution, and other notable moments of the 18th Century.

Invite Benjamin Franklin to your event:

• Keynote Speaker: Health & Happiness, Finances, Spirit of Invention • Parties: Mix & Mingle • Educational Programs: Program with Press Conference for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Historical Sites • Pair with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, General von Steuben, Betsy Ross, artistic & intelligent women • William Ochester: Bio of Actor/Historian, Reenactor,