Charles Lindbergh


Charles Lindbergh was the embodiment of the American hero, bringing the world together in celebration of one event, the pilot’s daring 1927 trans-Atlantic flight at the age of 25. Americans celebrated his spirit of adventure, as well as his celebrity. Lindbergh showed what one person in the face of incredible odds can do, demonstrated what it means to be a hero. More than 200 songs were written about him, the Lindy Hop and a Bertolt Brecht / Kurt Weill cantata were in his honor. And then he fell from grace. Neill Hartley shows us a Charles Lindbergh who went from being one of the world’s most beloved people to becoming a man reviled by many Americans. Asked to investigate German air power, he had accurately reported the German air force as superior to ours and advised America not to war against a country that would defeat us. Branded a Nazi, with no proof, FDR made a public statement saying he did not want Lindbergh fighting “for my country.” Mr. Hartley brings to life “Lucky Lindy,” his mechanic, his boss, Calvin Coolidge and others and encourages us to experience firsthand the cult of celebrity and the heart of a hero.

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•Educational Programs: Programs for Schools, Libraries, Museums, Historical Sites and Retirement Communities:The Spirit of Lindbergh, 40-60 minutes plus Informational Section and Q & A • Pair with Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, George Washington • Neill Hartley: Bio of Actor/Historian