Bob Gleason’s Christopher Columbus tells us we are all Explorers, so, “Adalante,” just keep going! Don’t be afraid to go out and look for new things, don’t just do what everybody else is doing or what everybody else tells you to do – if you have an idea, follow it, pursue it, test it. Take a chance!

Columbus went to sea, rather than go into the family business. He had adventures, he was shipwrecked, he survived. Portugal turned him down, Spain said they wouldn’t fund him, so Columbus was on his way to France for money. That’s when Spain agreed to finance Columbus. And the Explorer was on his way.

Not that life aboard ship was always exciting. Bob Gleason’s Columbus invites the audience into the world of the sailor, hauling up sails, scrubbing and polishing.  He urges us to fulfill our birthright as explorers, from the day we open our eyes and take a look around, but to also take care of daily life challenges.

Not just for Columbus Day anymore.

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