John Bartram Portrayed by Bob Gleason

Through Bob Gleason’s characterization of John Bartram, we learn to go further, to find out about life, to contribute, to have a purpose, and to respect life’s little miracles. As one of those constantly curious fellows who can’t wait to go into the woods and discover something new and to figure out where it came from and what it’s good for, Gleason’s Bartram inspires us to be active Life Participants. Bartram observed how creatures adapted to their environment and his work influenced that environment, even to affecting the British royal succession: When Bartram sent seedlings to the Prince of Wales, the Royal insisted on being present when they were being planted – during rain – and he died. The Prince’s successor was George III. Again, every action has the potential for far-reaching consequences.

An early advocate of ecology and the importance of living in harmony with nature, Bob Gleason’s John Bartram is perfect for Arbor Day, for Green events, for events with the Audobon Society or Philosophical Society, and for events at Bartram’s Garden.

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