Lafayette came from an extremely prominent family in France. He traveled to the United States in search of adventure and prestige; Lafayette’s youthful idealism and courage brought him to a session of Congress in Philadelphia.  When Lafayette offered to pay his own expenses in the colonial fight for independence, Congress appointed him a major-general.  The next day, Lafayette met General George Washington and this was the start of a lifelong father-son relationship between the two men. At the Battle of Brandywine, Lafayette’s first battle, the young soldier sustained a leg wound that took more than 2 months to heal. But he served gallantly and with courage, inspiring others.

Young Lafayette was a skilled soldier, an impassioned speaker, an influential motivator, a committed diplomat, a Mason. Ben’s resemblance to Lafayette, his excellent French vocabulary and accent, as well as his quick mind all combine for a dramatic, authentic portrayal of the passionate patriot.

Invite the Marquis de Lafayette to international events, at father-son gatherings, at Revolutionary War battle re-enactments, in parades, and at Masonic programs:

• Educational Programs: Programs for Schools, Libraries, Museums, Historical Sites • Keynote Speaker: Individual or panel participants speaking on topics such as Leadership, Teambuilding, Negotiation • Parades: Participant • Parties: Meet & Greet, Mix & Mingle, Propose Toasts, Pose for Photo Ops • Ben Goldman: Bio of Actor/Historian, Reenactor, or Imperson