Despite portraying a woman reviled in history, Pat Jordan’s sensitive interpretation of Mary Todd Lincoln invites new understanding of this complicated and frequently-misunderstood woman. Pat’s MTL is an intelligent, quick-witted woman in an almost impossible situation. Having married the man of her dreams, a man she knew was destined to become President, Mary Todd Lincoln was deemed a spy by the North and a traitor by the South. With relatives on both sides of the conflict, having lost a dear son, and being married to a man frequently depressed by death and destruction, MTL was under great emotional stress. She strove to love and support her husband even when he withdrew from her and from the world. She battled to create a White House that reflected her husband’s stature, in a home whose position was right on the country’s N/S border. And she endeavored to nurture her family during this time of civil war.

Ms. Jordan is a natural choice for Mary Todd Lincoln. Pat’s light hair, blue eyes, intelligence and lively sense of humor allow her easy access to this complex woman. Both women appreciate beautiful fabrics, delight in fashionable clothing and enjoy travel. Each loves children, inspiring by their own example.

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