Patrick Henry teaches us that one can be poor, grow up in the backwoods with a limited education, fail multiple times, and yet ultimately succeed. Mr. Henry married at a young age and owned and operated a store, which failed. His first wife was brought low by the depression that followed the bearing of their 6th child. Rather than having her committed, Henry kept her in the basement. After her passing, He remarried and fathered 11 children. He had a farm, but he managed to burn it down. This self-taught musician then became a self-taught lawyer. He gained a reputation as a skillful lawyer when he argued a case which resulted in local parsons being paid in cash instead of tobacco.

A passionate orator, he is best known for his, “Give me Liberty or give me Death!” speech. He was opposed the formation of a federal government, and the Constitution, but he was vehemently in favor of what would become the Bill of Rights.