Thomas Jefferson is an American titan who led by charisma and conversation, rather than by coercion. As president, his dinners were personal and intimate, with cuisine created by an internationally-known French chef, after which wine was served and the discussion was then turned to the political. The first United States Secretary of State, the second Vice President, the third President, Jefferson considered these roles as burdens placed upon him. Jefferson was most proud of penning the Declaration of Independence, fathering the University of Virginia, and shepherding the Statute of Religious Freedom: Jefferson considered these achievements his gifts to America.

Steve Edenbo offers his audience Thomas Jefferson’s gifts with eloquence. Mr. Edenbo shares Jefferson’s love of reading, writing, and good wine, as well as a love of the outdoors and the need to balance intimate friendships with solitude. Edenbo’s program, created for Independence National Historical Parks, A Wolf by the Ear, clarifies Jefferson’s feelings about slavery, “We have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.” Edenbo’s school programs confront and engage his audience, bringing middle school students onstage to interact with 18th century toys that embody Jeffersonian concepts. And Mr. Edenbo’s educational seminars and keynote speeches inform as well as inspire.

Invite Steve Edenbo’s Thomas Jefferson to gatherings of the American Philosophical Society, lawyers, businesses, students from middle school through college, and teachers’ professional improvement seminars:

• Keynote Speaker: Individual or panel participants speaking on topics such as Leadership, Teambuilding, Negotiation • Educational Programs for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Historical Sites: A Wolf by the Ear, 30-40 minutes plus Q & A: The Constitution Experience, with Alexander Hamilton, 30-40 minutes plus Q & A; and Educational Seminars: Teachers’ professional improvement workshops • Plays: Original works created and produced by AHT: The Handoff, with George Washington, John Adams, Oliver Ellsworth, Freewoman Ol’ Pattie: 45 minutes plus Q & A and The Constitution: Behind Closed Doors with George Washington and James Madison: 45 minutes plus Q & A • Parties: Meet & Greet, Mix & Mingle, Propose Toasts, Pose for Photo Ops • Parades: Participant • Pair with Dolley Madision, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Merriwether Lewis, John Marshall.