Joe Doyle

Joe Doyle studied at Leland Powers School of Radio, Theatre & Television. Mr. Doyle gained theater experience doing live dinner shows for large, diverse audiences. Co-founding the Actors’ Net in 1996 wife his wife, Cheryl, Joe is well-known and well-respected in the Philadelphia and New Jersey theater and news communities. Mr. Doyle won a local Emmy for his performance in “Frank Knows,” a segment of Fox News. He brings talent honed by years of media experience, including his service as a war correspondent during the Viet Nam War in the Marine Corps.

Mr. Doyle has been with the American Historical Theatre since 1992, when he was first asked to participate in AHT’s Yankee Doodles program as a singer, guitar-player and comic. He has performed at venues that include White House Visitors Center, Vice President Cheney’s home, Mount Rushmore Society, Congress Hall, Smithsonian Institution, National Portrait Gallery, and Morven Museum & Garden.

Characters portrayed by Joe Doyle: John Adams