John Adams Portrayed by Joe Doyle

John Adams was pivotal to the American Cause. His sharp legal mind enabled him to frame key precepts for the emerging United States, but Adams was shrewd enough to recommend that Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence in order to secure southern support. Adams wrote the Massachusetts Constitution, which served as the highly-original model for the United States Constitution, in that the Massachusetts document called for three equal branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial.

Mr. Adams devoted his outstanding legal talents to the cause of freedom and liberty. His bulldog tenacity and political acumen served him well as Washington’s Vice President, as the U.S. Surgeon General and as the second President of the United States. Adams encouraged an end to slavery and promoted education for both men and women.

Joe Doyle’s training and experience enable him to interact with confidence and intelligence with his audience. His reporting background developed his talent for keen observation of the human condition. Mr. Doyle looks like John Adams and has the intellect to portray him with artistic honesty. Adams wrote commentary and Doyle writes plays. Both men are capable managers and devoted husbands. John Adams is an excellent choice for legal events, medical meetings, husband and wife events, political fundraisers, and military commemorations.

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Educational Programs: Programs for Schools, Libraries, Museums, Historical Sites • Keynote Speaker: on leadership, panel member on rights and responsibility • Parades: Participant • Plays: The Handoff with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Oliver Ellsworth, Ol’ Patty, 50 minutes plus Q & A • Pair with Abigail Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson • Joe Doyle: Bio of Actor/Historian, Reen