Marjorie Goldman

Performing from an early age, Marjorie Goldman’s acting training began when she was a child in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ms. Goldman’s theater experience continued while she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies at Grinnell College in Iowa and with more performances while completing her Master of Arts / ABD, also in American Studies, while attending Boston University. After BU, Marjorie’s self-described “journey of humility through craft” led her to becoming an intern with Theater Ariel. While attending a 1993 event with the Performing Arts League of Philadelphia, a precursor to the Greater Philadelphia Theatre Alliance, Marjorie overheard a conversation with Pamela Sommerfield, Producing Director for the American Historical Theater, and the two talented women began to explore Marjorie Goldman’s portrayal of Susan B. Anthony for AHT.

Since 1993, Ms. Goldman has appeared as Susan B. Anthony in venues that include the National Archives, US Mint, Library of Congress, Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, League of Women Voters, Peddler’s Village / Cock & Bull Restaurant, and the Rocky Mountain Museum of Tennessee.

Characters portrayed by Marjorie Goldman: Susan B. Anthony