Susan B. Anthony Portrayed by Marjorie Goldman

Susan B. Anthony has been portrayed as a dour Quaker school “marm,” but in reality, this important suffragist had a lively sense of humor and she enjoyed having a good time. After teaching for fifteen years, Ms. Anthony began her 50+ years’ commitment to causes that included the abolition of slavery, women’s rights to their own property and earnings, and women’s right to vote, demonstrating a will unbroken by circumstance or obstacle. When the suffragist movement was threatened by an ideological split, it was Ms. Anthony who engineered the reunion of the two factions. Near the end of her life, Ms. Anthony hand-selected the women who were to “pick up the mantle,” urging her successors to be ever-vigilant, expanding and protecting the rights for which she had fought so long and valiantly. “We turn it over to a generation of women who are better-equipped. They have the unchallenged right to speak in public.” Ms. Anthony did not live to see women’s suffrage, but she knew not to give in, not to give up.

Marjorie Goldman shares Susan B. Anthony’s passion for women’s suffrage / women’s rights and for the cause of the abolition of slavery / racial equality. An experienced teacher like Susan, Goldman loves children and recognizes “teachable moments” through which her fierce dedication to human rights is immediately communicated and understood. Through her interpretation of Ms. Anthony, we are reminded that “The world is not truly free…until the rights and privileges of others are free.” Therefore, the task is ongoing and “failure is impossible.”

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