Steve Gulick

Steve Gulick is a practicing Quaker whose specialty with the American Historical Theatre is portraying 17th and 18th century Quakers, including William Penn and Thomas Paine. With considerable theater and vocal training and experience, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and a background as a writer and speaker, Mr. Gulick teaches English and has taught Public Speaking and Theater at Community College of Philadelphia. His Quaker affiliations and responsibilities have included Care and Counsel for Meetings and Members at the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, and Steve helped facilitate citizen participation at the First UN Special Session on Disarmament. Steve’s innate comfort with and connection to people combines effectively with his theatre improv skills, resulting in programs that engage and inform. Working with AHT since 1983, when Steve met and worked with AHT Founder Pamela Sommerfield on the Emmy winning Lucretia Mott documentary for PBS, Mr. Gulick has performed at Pennsbury Manor, Graeme Park, Crossroads of the American Revolution, Cliveden and Common Sense’s 225th Anniversary Celebration on CSpan’s American Writers Series. Mr. Gulick has been featured at the Newseum (a new museum dedicated to the First Amendment in Washington, DC), Historic Rittenhouse Town, Carpenters’ Hall, the African American Museum, and the Library Company’s celebration of the anniversary of the publication of Common Sense.

Characters portrayed by Steve Gulick:

Thomas PaineWilliam Penn