The son of a British admiral, Penn founded Pennsylvania, seeking to use government to promote peaceful co-existence and religious freedom. During Penn’s time, as in our own, European nations were always fighting each other. Penn’s essay on the necessity of creating peace in Europe was a blueprint for the League of Nations, the United Nations and the European Union. With Quaker beliefs as the legal lynchpin, anyone, no matter their background or religious practices, was welcome to settle in Pennsylvania, even powerful women who may or may not have been witches.

Sharing Penn’s vision for Philadelphia, capital of Pennsylvania as a “greene countrie towne,” with “brick houses on large lots surrounded by plantings, with open public squares, and with a border of verdant liberty lands north and west of the city,” Steve has been an active member of the Sierra Club since the age of 18. Believing in living with a minimal carbon footprint, Steve bikes to and from work. And, like Penn returning to Philadelphia in 1699 after witnessing London’s Great Plague of 1665 and Great Fire of 1666, Steve asks, “where are all the trees?”